Pest county

Abony Régi Vigyázó-Mansion
Abony Harkányi-
Abony Kostyán-Country house, Lavatka-Country house, Szapáry-Country house, Kisvigyázó-Mansion, Vigyázó-Country house, Ajtay-Country house, Sivó-Country house, Teszáry-Country house
Acsa Prónay-Mansion  1775
Acsaújlak Újlaki
Albertirsa Szeleczky-Szapáry-Mansion
Aszód Podmaniczky Mansion
Aszód Podmaniczky-Széchenyi-Mansion
Bernecebaráti Huszár-Mansion
Bernecebaráti Szokoly-Mansion
Biatorbágy Sándor-Metternich-Mansion
Biatorbágy Szily-Mansion, majd Fáy-Mansion
Budapest Zichy-Mansion (Kiscell)
Budapest Zichy-Mansion(Óbuda Museum)
Budapest Nagytétény
Budapest Sacelláry-Mansion
Budapest Törley-Mansion
Bugyi Forster-Hintungseat
Bugyi Beleznay-
Csobánka Margitligeti Mansion
Érd Kutyavár Hintungseat
Érd Sina-Mansion
Fót Károlyi-Mansion
Galgagyörk Ibrányi-Mansion
Galgagyörk Kálnoky-Bedő-Country house
Galgagyörk Tahy-Country house
Gomba Patay-Mansion
Gomba Perczel-Country house
Gomba Bárczay-Mansion
Gödöllő Grassalkovich-Mansion
Gödöllő Hamvay-Country house
Gyömrő Teleki-Mansion
Halásztelek Malonyai-Mansion
Inárcs Bodrogi-Mansion
Maglód Wodianer-Mansion
Nagykáta Keglevich-Mansion
Nagykovácsi Teleki-Tisza-Mansion
Örkény Pálóczy-Horváth-Mansion
Páty Várady-Mansion
Pécel Ráday-Mansion 1722-1730
Pécel Fáy-
Pilis Beleznay-Gubányi-Mansion
Pilis Beleznay-Nyáry-Mansion
Pilisszántó Orosdy-Mansion
Pomáz Teleki-Wattay-Mansion
Pusztazámor Barcza-Mansion
Ráckeve Savoyai-Mansion
Rád Muslay-Mansion
Sülysáp Grassalkovich-Hintungseat
Sülysáp Sőtér-Mansion
Szentmártonkáta Prónay-Dessewfy-Mansion
Szob Luczenbacher-Mansion
Szob Gregersen-Mansion
Tésa Foglár-Mansion
Tóalmás Andrássy-Mansion
Törökbálint Majláth-Mansion
Törökbálint Walla-Mansion
Tura Schossberger-Mansion
Váchartyán Gosztonyi-Mansion
Váchartyán Rudnay-Mansion
Vácrátót Vigyázó-Mansion
Vámosmikola Huszár-Mansion
Verőce Migazzi-Mansion
Verseg Podmaniczky-Mansion
Visegrád Pálfy-Mansion
Zebegény Dőry-Mansion
Zsámbék Zsámbéki Mansion

  Prónay- Újlaky kastély
  • Acsaújlak, Újlaki Road 2 Prónay Mansion
  • Property: OTP, with a separate permit can be visited
  • GPS: 47.81259 / 19.369011
  • salesinfo
  • Map

 Aszód, Szabadság tér 8.  Podmaniczky kastély
  • Aszód, Szabadság Square 8.
  •  Podmaniczky Mansion
  • Tel: 28/500-666 (two mansion)
  • Property: City Council , closed
  • GPS: 47.652994 / 19.475575
  • Map

  • 1037 Budapest, III. Kiscelli Street 108.
  • Zichy Mansion, Museum
  • Tel: 1/250-0304 1/388-8560
  • Open: Tue -Sun 10-18
  • GPS: 47.538067 / 19.030392
  • Map


  •  1033 Budapest, III. Fő place 1.
  •  Zichy-Mansion
  • Tel: 1/250 1020 Museum
  • E-mail:
  • Open: Tue -Sun 10-18
  • GPS: 47.541702 / 19.045893
  • Map


Nagytétény Száraz- Rudnyánszky kastély
  • 1225 Budapest, XXII. Kastélypark street 9-11.
  •  Nagytétény, Museum
  •  Száraz- Rudnyánszky Mansion
  • Tel: 1/207-0005
  •  Open:  Tue -Sun 10-18
  • GPS: 47.391705 / 18.987484
  • Map


Törley kastély
„Frédéric Joliot-Curie" National Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service, Hungary

Margitligeti kastély

Károlyi kastély Fót
  •  Fót, Vörösmarty Mihály Square 2
  •  Károlyi-Mansion
  • Tel: 27/361-339
  • E-mail:
  • GPS: 47.605297 / 19.204142
  • Map


The palace is one of the greatest achievements of Hungarian Baroque architecture. The stunning building served as the summer residence for Franz Joseph I and Queen Elizabeth (Sissi) between 1867 and 1916. The 26 halls that once madeup the suites of the royal couple have been faithfully reconstructed, and there is a Queen Elizabeth exhibition and another presenting the history of the Grassalkovich family that commissioned the palace's construction.

A performance in the perfectly renovated Baroque theatre offers a unique experience. The castle is not merely a museum - it is also a venue for elegant receptions, historical fashion shows and other events.

Teleki kastély  
Teleki mansion, a masterpiece of Hungarian Classicist architecture by József Hild, is also an exciting sight.

 Malonyai kastély


Örkény Pálóczy kastély
  • Örkény, Fő Road 21.
  • Pálóczy Mansion
  • Culture centre: conference, wedding, other
  • Tel: 29/310-021
  • GPS: N47°07,499' E19°25,911'
  • Map

Beleznay kastély
  • Pilis, Kossuth Road 31. Beleznay Mansion
  • School
    Tel: 28/498-111
  • GPS : 47.208479 / 19.5516774
  • Map

Teleki-Wattay-Mansion Hotel
Teleki-Wattay kastély


Pécel Fay kastély
  • Pécel, Maglódy road 57
  • Fáy mansion
  • Fáy András an agricultural student hostel
  • Tel: 28/547 406
  • GPS:47.4828792692 / 19.3424707466
  • Map

Savoyai-Mansion, Hotel
Under the reign of Maria Theresia of Austria, the mansion and the adjoining land in Csepel was managed by the Hungarian Chancery. In 1814 the middle part of the mansion, along with the stately Baroque cupola, was destroyed by fire; that seen today was rebuilt after the destruction. Until its reconstruction in the 1980s the mansion suffered constant decline.


Valla kastély
  •  Törökbálint, Kastély Road 30
  • Valla Mansion
  • GPS: 47.437754 / 18.923226
  • Map

Majláth kastély

  • Tura, Park 37.
  • Schossberger-Mansion
  • Ybl Miklós
  • Tel: 20/476-5225
  • Open: Mar. 15-Oct. 31.: Mon-Sun 9-19; Nov. 1-Marc. 14.: Mon-Sun 9-16
  • GPS : 47.172135 / 18.943478
  • Map
Zsigmond Schossberger was a sugar-baron in the 19th century. After the wealthy businessman became a real baron, he bought the region of Tura village and built his mansion there. According to the rumors the baron was traveling a lot and he built the little chateau for his wife.

The architect Miklos Ybl was working on the Opera House of Budapest at the same time and because of this the interior design of the two buildings are quite similar.


  • Verőce, Migazzi Road 1.
  • Migazzi-Mansion, Museum
  • Social institute Tel: 27/350-116
  • GPS: 47.8275979596 / 19.0195517333
  • Map

Podmaniczky-Mansion Hotel
Verseg Fenyőharaszt

Dóry kastély
  • Zebegény, Dózsa György Road 24.
  • Dőry-Mansion
  • GPS: 47.7907572524 / 18.9098360451
  • photo
  • Map


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