Komárom-Esztergom County

Ács Degenfeld-Schonburg-Mansion
Ács Esterházy-Liechtenstein-Zichy-
Ács Solymossi-Country house
Bábolna Szapáry-mansion, Hunkár-Mansion
Bajna Sándor-Metternich-Mansion
Bakonybánk Bezerédy-Country house, Hunkár-Country house,
Bakonybánk Stróbel-
Bakonysárkány Vértessy-Mansion
Bakonyszombathely Esterházy-Mansion
Bársonyos Jékey-Mansion
Csép Balogh-Country house, Csapó-Country house, Micsky-Country house, Thaly-Country house
Dad Esterházy-Mansion
Dorog Schmidt-Country Villa
Gyermely Sándor-Metternich-Huntingseat
Esztergom Sándor-Palace, Bottyán-palace, Prímási Palace, Török-General House
Kerékteleki Hunkár-
Mansion, Madarász-Country house, Rakovszky-Country house
Kisbér Batthyány-Mansion, Török-Country house
Komárom Gyürky-Mansion, Gyürky-kúria, Liptay-Country house
(Komárom Fort)
Kömlőd Hugonnay-Mansion, Perczel-kúria, Virágh-Country house
Környe Konkoly-Thege-Mansion, Konkoly-Thege-kúria,
Country house, Szokoly-Country house
Lábatlan Reviczky-Country house
Máriahalom Darányi-Country house
Mocsa Vaszary Kolos-Country house
Mogyorósbánya Brzarar-Mansion
Nagyigmánd Ghyczy-Mansion, Melkovics-Country house,
Country house, Bóday-Country house
Naszály Balogh-Esterházy-Mansion                                                        
Oroszlány Esterházy-Mansion
Pilismarót Heckenast-Mansion
Réde Esterházy-Mansion
Süttő Reviczky-Mansion, Demény-Country house
Szomor Vásárhelyi-Country house
Tardos Serédi mansion
Tarján Hohenlóhe-Mansion
Tata Esterházy-Mansion
Tát Eggenhoffer-Country house
Úny Bozay-Country house, Chlebovits-Country house, Valovits-Country house


Sándor-Metternich kastély Bajna



  • Bábolna , Mészáros Road 1
  • Szapáry-Mansion
  • Tel: 34/569-204  With cheque-in       can be visited.
  • GPS: 47.646901 / 17.960098
  • 1hungary.com/szapary-kastely
  • Map


It was built in the first quarter of the 18th century in Baroque style. It houses the head office of Bábolna Rt. When the troops of French emperor Napoleon I completely defeated the Hungarian noble rebels in Győr on 15 June 1809, the French army occupied Bábolna in the hope of getting the spoils of war.

Monostori erőd komárom
The parts of this system in Hungary are: Star fort (1871-1877), Igmand fort (1871-1877) and Fort Monostor (1850-1871). Despite its gigantic size this fort system is uniform regarding both the architecture and the building materials. The top level of the forts has already sunk down to the ground level so it is covered with grass and wild flowers as part of the nature.

  • Komárom, Szőny Széchenyi Street 2
  • Gyürky-Mansion
  • T: (34) 342-840
  • Selye János Hospital
  • GPS: 47.735022 / 18.16944
  • Komárom, Gyürky Mansion. Built in 1912 in Neo-Baroque style. Architects: Fellner and Hellmer. Photo
  • Map


  • Oroszlány, Majkpuszta, Museum
  • Esterházy-Mansion
  • Tel: 20/9576648
  • GPS: 47.495223 / 18.32908
  • Map

 Estreházy kastély Réde

 Serédi kastély
  • Tardos Pusztamarót
  • Serédi Mansion, Esztergomi érseki Mansion, Youth Hostel
  • GPS: N 47°41.133' E 18°29.533'
  • Map


 Esterházy-kastély Tata
It was built between 1765 and 1777 in neo-classical and late-Baroque style. Its utilization is underway. One of the famous owners of the mansion was Miklós József Esterházy, the great patron of arts, who commissioned the building of a theatre in Tata, too. The plans were made by Fellner and Helmer, a famous theatre-building company from Vienna, which designed theatres in several cities of Europe, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Odessa, Zürich and Salzburg.

Tata Castle
Tatai vár


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