Fejér county

Aba mansion Aba mansion Aba Zichy-mansion
Aba-Belsőbáránd Holcer-Jászay-Janiga-Spingler-mansion
Alcsútdoboz Habsburg-mansion
Alsószentiván Szluha-mansion
Bicske Batthyány-mansion
Bodajk Hochburg-kastély vagy Hochburg-Lamberg-mansion
Csákberény Lamberg-mansion
Csákvár Esterházy-mansion
Dég Festetics-mansion
Előszállás Ciszterci rend mansion
Enying Batthyány-Draskovich-Csekonics-mansion
Fehérvárcsurgó Károlyi-
Hantos Batthyány-Zichy-Sennyei-mansion
Hantos Fiáth-Nagy-country house
Igar Vámpuszta Strasszer
Iszkaszentgyörgy Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim-mansion
Kálóz farm
Kápolnásnyék Halász-
Lovasberény Cziráky-mansion
Martonvásár Brunszvik-mansion
Mátyásdomb Lonkai-mansion
Mór Lamberg-mansion
Mór Ruzsénszky- Láncos-mansion
Nádasdladány Nádasdy-mansion
Perkáta Győry mansion
Seregélyes Zichy-Hadik-mansion
Soponya Zichy-mansion
Sárszentmihály Zichy-mansion
Székesfehérvár Bory-castle
Székesfehérvár-Csalapuszta Kégl-
Székesfehérvár-Kisfalud Simay-Holczer-mansion
Tordas Sajnovics-mansion
Vajta Zichy-mansion 
Vajta Weinckheim mansion

Vál Ürményi-mansion
Velence Hauszmann-Gschwind-mansion
Velence Beck-mansion
Velence Meszlény-mansion
Zichyújfalu Zichy-mansion


Habsburg kastély


 Batthány kastély Bicske

Hocburg Lamberg
  • Bodajk, Petőfi Sándor street 93
  •  Hochburg Lamberg mansion
  • Dega Property
  • The building closed,but the castle park can be visited.
  • GPS: 47.319138 / 18.242263
  • bodajk.hu/enhistory
  • Map

Eszterházy- mansion
  • Csákvár- Kastélypark 1
  • Eszterházy mansion
  • Tel:22/354-355
  • Social institute
  • Pdf/hu/en
  • Video
  • Map

Dég kastély
Many mysteries are connected to the House of Dég: according to legends, it was the secret headquarters of Hungarian Freemasonry, and it was for this reason that its beautiful assembly hall was designed to fit in the corner of the building. Although we have no data of mysterious meetings held there, it is a fact that the secret archives of the Hungarian Freemasons were kept there for more than a century, until 1945. The facade of the House reminds us of the Hungarian National Museum; this is no coincidence since its designer, Mihály Pollack, used it as a blueprint for the plan of the Museum. In the 100-meter-long array of rooms of the house, visitors can see an outstanding exhibition telling the story of the Festetics family, the House, and the history of Hungarian Freemasonry as well. The park provides us with a perfect milieu for a pleasant walk.

 Ciszteri kastély
  • Előszállás,  Róbertvölgy
  • Ciszteri mansion
  • The being sitting his centre.
  • The building closed, but the castle park can be visited.
  • Wikiorgeloszállás
  • Map

Károlyi Kastély
  •  Fehérvárcsurgó, Petőfi street 2
  •  Károlyi mansion
  •  Tel: 22 578 080
  • Museum, Hotel
  • GPS : 47.287659 / 18.265241
  • karolyi.org.hu/en
  • video
  • Map

  •  Hantos Köztársaság square 3
  • Batthyány-Zichy-Sennyei mansion
  • school Tel : 06-25-506-096
  • GPS: 46°59'41"N 18°41'48"E
  • Map1
  • Map

 Strasszer kastély
  • Igar, Vámpuszta
  • Strasszer mansion
  • GPS: :46° 45' 21.474" N, 18° 30'
  • Map

Ammade-Bajzáth- Pappenheim- mansion

 kálóz zichy

Halász kastéyl

 Lovasberény Cziráky

 Brunszvik kastély
Outstanding cultural memories are attached to the Martonvásár mansion and its surrounding park. In the early years of the 19th century Ludwig van Beethoven visited Martonvásár on a number of occasions due to his friendship with the music-loving Brunszvik family, who owned the estate. A number of his works, including the Appassionata Sonata, were dedicated to members of the family, who were inspired interpreters of his music. Beethoven was most closely attached to Josephine Brunszvik, whom many authors consider to be the mysterious 'Immortal Beloved'.

Lonkay kastély
  • Mátyásdomb Pusztai street 2
  • Lonkai-mansion
  • private property
  • closed
  • GPS: 46° 55.192' - 18° 21.292'
  • Map


Ruzsénszky kastély
  • Mór Ruzsénszky-Láncos mansion
  • Mór Szent István square 6
  • Town hall Tel:22/407062
  • GPS: 47.372496 / 18.208537
  • Baroque-style mansion pdf
  • Map


Nádasdi kastély
Nádasdladány, Nádasdy House Nádasdy House, which was designed after 16th-century English and Scottish castles, is a real architectural curiosity in Hungary. Although its exterior has an air of antiquity, it was in fact built between 1873 and 1876, and almost all the technological innovations of the age were included in it. The rooms were equipped with talking tubes (the forerunners of the telephone) and were heated with an air heating system, while gas lamps lit the halls. The most remarkable hall in the Castle, the Hall of the Elders, recalls the distant past with its vast marble fireplace. The walls are covered with beautifully carved wainscots, and we can see the illustrious members of the more than 500-year-old Nádasdy family depicted in the paintings. Nowadays, in the ground-level rooms of the House, one can see interiors that recall the milieu of the aristocratic world.

Győry kastély


Zichy kastély  


Bory vár

Kégl kastély

Sajnovics kastély
  • Tordas, Sajnovics János square 5
  • Sajnovics mansion, Social Institute
  • Cannot be visited.
  • GPS: 47.3428466105 / 18.7507613513
  • 1hungary.com/infoen/tordas
  • Map

Zichy kastély
  • Vajta, Petőfi Sándor street 562.
  • Zichy-mansion
  • Tel: 25 229 252
  • Calvary Chapel Conference Center
  •  GPS: 46.71131 / 18.6662
  • zichykastely
  • MAP/info
  • Map

Weinckheim katély
  • Vajta, Szabadság square 14
  • Zichy-Wenckheim-mansion, Kindergarten
  • Tel:25 / 229-304
  • GPS : 46.71131 / 18.6662
  • 46° 43' 03.40", 18° 39' 51.10"
  • photo
  • Map

 Hauszman Gschwindt kastély

 Meszlényi katély
  •   Velence, Tópart street 52
  •  Meszleny-Wenckheim-mansion
  • Tel. / fax : 06-22-472-453
  • GPS: 47° 13' 54.84" N 18° 39' 52.88" E
  • hungary.com/info/velence
  • Map

 Zichy kastély Zichy falu
  • Zichyújfalu, Kastélykert
  • Zichy-mansion , City Council
  • Tel: 22 358 287
  • GPS: é. sz. 47.13120° k. h. 18.67015
  • Map


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